The Official Timothy Burke Website

October 23, 2001 -- June 15, 2005
"Muor giovane coluiche al cielo caro.*"


The Images.
Come see scores and scores of pictures of Timothy saved into vidoes on YouTube.

In My Own Words.
Various things I have written about Timothy, memories, and the impact he had on me.

Other Stuff. Other stuff, including the infamous Timothy Singing "Wagon Wheel" video.


The Images

A Star Is Born




Living in the Big Time 2004

In Bloom: Winter/Spring 2002




Fall 2002 and the first Christmas



Timothy's Place

Godspeed, Little Man: Misc 2003


Times Like These: Misc 2003













In My Own Words

My eulogy to Timothy

Twilight Too Soon
My memoir about Timothy, memories of him, his final days, the time after he passed away, and how all of it changed my life. In PDF. ePub version coming soon (I hope!)

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Other Stuff

Timothy Singing "Wagon Wheel"


Timothy William's Music Club

Timothy loved music. He understood music, artists, bands, albums more than most kids at 2 and 3 years old. I posthumously created Timothy William's Music Club to celebrate all our shared love of music. Here are some songs and artists he liked along with some pictures of the few shows we got to see together, he and I.


Timothy's Tunes
Check out this
YouTube playlist of just some of the songs he loved.